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    Robi Weekly Magazine Issue 41
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    Apr 2017
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Meet Robi, the world's best selling humanoid robot from Japan!

What can Robi do? Cool conversation, pure entertainment!


01. Robi understands basic English and Mandarin and can even reply in Singlish! He has a speech recognition board that helps him express intelligently in various situations. His LED eyes light up when speaking and a physical sensor detects human presence so ROBI will look at you when talking. Amazing interactivity!

02. Robi can dance and sing as well as do special actions like kick a ball and wave a flag. He's truly hip and happening with a servomotor that optimises Robi's movements.

03. Robi can be your TV remote, with an in-built Infrared remote transmitter powering the TV and volume at your command!

04. Robi can keep time and tell you once time's up! Tell Robi to clean up and he will sweep the floor while walking with a mini broom below his feet!

04. No complicated external software here. ROBI is designed to be easily operable - user-friendly for children and adults alike!

05. Easy assembly; ROBI can be put together with a simple screwdriver (included in Issue 02). Now anyone can be a robot expert!

Please note that purchase of all 70 issues of Robi Weekly Magazine is required to build Robi. Redeem a original Robi Alarm Clock with issues 1-35 and a exclusive Robi docking station with issues 36-70!

Purchase all 70 issuesherefor 10% off the full amount and option to pay in 6 monthly ($312 per month) instalments! Enquire in-store for details.

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