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  • Name
    1/6 Military Series - U.S. Navy SEAL Underway Boarding Unit
  • Category
    1/6 Figure > Modeling Toys
  • Manufacturer
    Modeling Toys
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  • Launch Date
    Mar 2019
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    1.13 kg
Comes with:

- Head sculpt "Ryan"
- Body with relaxed hands
- 3 pairs of mechanic's fire resistant glove hands

- BWD underway combat shirt (mass gray)
- BWD underway combat pants (mass gray)
- 6094-UW modular plate carrier (mass gray)
- 9010A modular single mike-4 12 mag pouch (mass gray)
- 9012B modular single 9 mm pouch (mass gray)
- 6074A utility storage pouch mass grey (mass gray)
- 6701B habd carrying pouch (mass gray)
- 9039A modular assault pack (mass gray)
- 2645A kangaroo shingle 6094 mag pouch bungee (black)
- 9016A modular 12 rd. shotgun pouch (black)
- Battery holder (CT) x2
- 9022B-T pouch with medical kit (CB)
- HELO personal retention lanyard (CB)
- Tactical ordnance CQBW sling (CB)
- Half-cut balaclava (black)
- Dri-t shirt custom velcro sleeves (black)
- Yates harness (black)
- CQB riggers rescue belt (black)
- Tactical flotation support system (TFSS) (OD) (*pair)
- Fixed blade knife MOLLE sheath (black)
- 1933D slung weapons catch retention holster belt (OD)
- Helmet bungee cord x3
- Bungee sling
- US flag patch
- Don't fxxk with us patch
- Danger close mission patch
- NKDA blood type patch
- Pirate jack patch
- The tribe patch

- FAST base jump helmet
- Tec charge MPLS
- L-3 AN/PVS-31 Gen3 binocular night vision device (BNVD)
- L-3 AN/PVS-31 battery pack
- L4 G24 breakaway lever mount
- Maritime low noise headset with optional bail-out plug
- Maritime Ver. U94 push to talk (PTT)
- SF CR123A batteries x6
- Radiator sunglasses
- Syndicate SK8 boots
- Nimravus Tanto Comboedge fixed blade knife
- Serpa CQC matte holster with Serpa jacket slot duty belt loop
- AN/PRC148 (MBITR) radio
- Paramedic scissors
- Core all black watch
- Tri-fold restraints handcuffs
- Cyalume infrared IR chem-tactical light x2

- HK416 enhanced carbine rifle
- RAHG type rail 10.5 inch custom
- Overmolded pistol grip AR-15 rubber
- CTR carbine stock
- Emag x6
- SR 1x3x9 sighting system
- Glass breaker
- Suppressor
- SF M600B scout light
- AN/PEQ-15 integrated pointer illuminator module (IPIM)
- Moe RVG (rail vertical grip)
- Tube / reservoir kit
- Quick detactable sling swivel button x2
- MCS tactical shotgun with tactical breacher choke
- Shotgun shell x6
- MK24 pistol with rubber finger groove grips
- MK24 15 round magazine x3
- MK141 Mod 0 x2