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    Blame! - 1/12 Safeguard
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    1/12 Figure > 1000Toys, Blame!
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    Jan 2018
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"Safeguards roam the vast, self-replicating cityscape of Blame! with the sole mission to hunt down and kill the last desperate remnants of humanity."

From the NetFlix distributed SF anime "Blame!", 1000toys presents the hunter/killer unit "Safeguard" as a 1/12 scale action figure! Fully supervised by Tsutomu Nihei - the original creator of the series, the figure features specially designed inner frame allowing for the super articulation that fans have come to expect from all 1000toys products. Recreate the awesome effect of the Safeguard scaling any surface using the magnets built into the included base. Please note that though they tend to hunt in packs, each package includes only 1 Safeguard action figure.

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