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  • Name
    Star Wars Retro Stormtrooper 30 cm Ruler
  • Category
    Lifestyle Products, Miscellaneous
  • Manufacturer
    Maped Helix
  • Availabilty
    In Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Sep 2017
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    0.03 kg
In 1977, the UK company Helix collaborated with Lucasfilms to produce a range of Star Wars stationery. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the iconic movie franchise, Helix has revived the original Star Wars range from 1977! For a limited time only the Helix Star Wars range is once again available to buy and own!

Comes with:

- Classic Stormtrooper design on reverse
- 30cm/12" metric and imperial graduations

Features the Star Wars 40th anniversary logo.

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