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  • Name
    Master Builder MB-09A - Trailer (for MB-01 - Arch Enemy)
  • Category
    Other Shape Changing Robot Accessories
  • Manufacturer
    Fans Hobby
  • Availabilty
    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Jun 2018
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    1.39 kg

- Trailer can be transformed to a base with strong ammo support
- Built in transformable blaster cannon can fit to other masterpiece figures

Comes with:

- Sticker with special artwork created by legendary comic artist - Geoff Senior
- Detachable blaster canon (with built-in shell launcher, 6 shells provided)
- Disc launcher (5 discs provided)
- Missile launcher (6 missiles provided)
- Base radar
- Special firing effect parts x 6 pcs
- Reinforced forearm brackets
- Trailer adaptors for MB-06 and MP-10
- New sculpted head for Arch Enemy
- Double barreled gun for Arch Enemy

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