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    Art Print - The Forever Clown [Die Young] (Worldwide Limited 200 Sets, Individually Numbered and Signed)
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    Lifestyle Products
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    Hu Shui
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    May 2019
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Hu Shui, a famous crossover artist in China, is also a hardcore fan of Heath Ledger. He is known for his oil paintings and three-dimensional modeling. Using the Clown as the base character, combined with his own understanding of Heath and feelings of life, he created an oil painting, named [Died Young]. Only 200 copies of the painting have been reproduced, each with an independently numbered certificate, which are personally signed by the artist himself.

- Inner frame: 30 (W) by 40 (H) by 1.6 (D) cm
- Frame: 33.6 (W) by 44 (H) by 3.3 (D) cm

Creation Process:
- 1200 DPI artwork Duplicate-level Electrical Scanning, and more than ten years of oil painting reproduction experience professional colorist to focus on color, art-level micro-spray, 100 years of non-fading (in non-sun, humid environment), material for professional canvas, collection-level oil painting reproduction.