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    Accessories Collection Series ACS004 - Avengers: Infinity War - Iron Man Mark L Accessories (Reissue) (Full Payment Required)
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    Hot Toys, Marvel Characters
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    Hot Toys
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    In Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Nov 2019
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  • Weight
    1.54 kg
Please note that full payment is required to confirm your order. You can either:

1. Bank transfer to DBS Current Account: 027-014909-0 and let us know via email (tfhwebadmin@gmail.com, Attn: Hot Toys ACS004 full payment) the transaction ref/date/time and name used. If your transfer was done via ATM, please include a picture of the physical receipt or,

2. Drop by our Waterloo outlet to do so personally (payment in cash only).

Please pay by 21st May 2019. We regret that your order will not be fulfilled if we do not receive your deposit by the deadline.

The 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark L Accessories collectible set specially features:

- Accessories specially designed for Iron Man Mark L collectible figure from Avengers: Infinity War
- 1 pair of interchangeable Battering Rams
- 1 Power Mallet (interchangeable with left forearm)
- 1 interchangeable right Hand Blade
- 1 pair of articulated Foot Clamps
- 1 interchangeable Foot Thruster
- 1 attachable Katar
- 1 Energy Blade
- 1 elliptical shield
- 1 articulated Gauntlet Constraint

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