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  • Name
    Acid Rain - Stealth Trooper Set
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    Acid Rain
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    Toys Alliance
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    In Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Dec 2019
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    0.28 kg
Stealth Troopers infiltrate deep into enemy territory and provide timely intelligence for follow-up operations. Stealth Troopers are selected from the best recon units in the Agurts military and further trained in stealth techniques and information warfare. The Stealth Trooper's vehicle of choice, the Stealth Wildebeest, is equipped with the prototype Night Wing Military Drone, which can operate at high altitudes to track and survey targets silently from afar.

Comes with:

- Stealth Trooper
- Stealth Wildebeest
- Night Wing Military Drone
- AAR7 assault rifle
- AP2 pistol x2
- Huntsman combat knife
- Iron Fist trench knife

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