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    Acid Rain - MT-40 Camelbot
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    Acid Rain
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    Toys Alliance
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    Pre-order Closed
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    September 2020
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    0.00 kg
To securitize major imports, NAUS established an overseas joint operations department to forge joint operations with allies abroad. Among them, Agurts is one of the NAUS's closest Europa partners. The NAUS not only shares military technology with the Agurts army but also provides weapons in exchange for Agurts's regular shipments of agricultural products and industrial SA parts.

Featuring NAUS weapons with enhanced firepower, the MT-40 Camelbot is a transformable mechanical soldier. This unit is known for its formidable frontal defense and is often deployed by the NAUS in joint operations with the Agurts 303rd Marines.

Comes with:

- MT-40 Camelbot
- 1 chestplate
- 2 NGP-5 (AAR11) assault rifle
- 2 L&D MW-90 pistols
- 1 "Black Shark" SMG-96 submachine gun
- 1 weapon stand

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