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    METAMOR-FORCE "Bari"Ation - Final Dancouga
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    July 2020
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Having undergone massive updates, the long awaited Final Dancouga is finally finished! This is a brand new product set of Dancouga and Blackwing by Sen-Ti-Nel.

The finishing on Dancouga has changed completely, now mainly formed by glossy black and metallic silver. Besides, canopies of each Jyusenki and the newly made Dankukogaken are made of clear parts. The new head (non-transformable) is specially redesigned by Mr. Obari and the enhanced wing seen in OVA is also included. In addition, part of the shoulder joints has been rearranged and strengthened by die-cast parts.

The finishing on Blackwing has also changed completely, giving a more high-end appearance in the combined form with Dancouga.

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