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  • Name
    United States of Utopia USU01 - AFRS Type 1 "Trashcan"
  • Category
    1/12 Figure > Toy Notch, United States of Utopia
  • Manufacturer
    Toy Notch
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    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Jul 2020
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    0.13 kg
AFRS (Autonomous Field-Repairable Soldier) is the military force to protect and serve the government of United States of Utopia.

Disparaged as "Trashcan" by humans, AFRS Type 1 is a dreadful combatant to humans in the battle field. It is built with a slim and rigid body and equipped with a modified Stoner 63A machine gun and a pair of fold-in-sleeve tactical blades. It is powered by a compact V-flow system which can be easily swapped internally when the power level gets low.

A unit of five AFRS Type 1 comprises a Pentacle Squadron. Connected to each other through an encrypted network, five units are able to make a unified response instantly in the battlefield. A Pentacle Squadron has an effective firing range covering 3000 meters with a maximum range of 8000 meters. AFRS has been proven to be superior combatants compared to humans in both urban and wide open battlefields. In melee combat, human soldiers would not stand a chance against a beast made of steel.


- Scale: 1/12
- Approximately 6 inches tall
- 41 points of articulation including double ab crunch
- Machine gun with removeable magazine and feedway assembly
- Double tactical blades can be folded

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