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  • Name
    Navy SEAL - Recon Team Marksman
  • Category
    1/6 Figure > Dam Toys
  • Manufacturer
    Dam Toys
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    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Feb 2013
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    0.88 kg

Please note that head sculpt shown is not final and will be updated later.

Comes with:

- Real-like head sculpt
- Action body
- Jungle hat with camouflage set
- SOF woodland camo battle dress uniform
- LBV-88 vest
- Black t-shirt
- BDU belt
- LC2 S belt
- Nomex gloves (black)
- Acadia boots
- Lash I headset
- 3Day backpack
- Enhanced butt pack (woodland camo)
- LC2 ammo pouch x2
- Double pistol mag pouch
- AN/PRC-148 radio and pouch
- SOPMOD M4 carbine with camouflage painting
- AR15 cheek piece
- M4 carrying handle/ sight
- AR15 carry handle scope mount
- ACOG TA01 scope
- KAC QD flash hider
- KAC QD suppressor
- KAC grip
- Sling adaptor
- Rifle sling
- RIS rail panel x2
- M4 5.56 mag x6
- MK24 Mod 0 pistol
- 9mm pistol mag x3
- Pistol holster
- M67 frag grenade x2
- M18 smoke grenade
- Hanging buckle

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