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    Ted in Tuxedo 24 Inch Talking Plush Teddy Bear (Limited Edition)
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    Commonwealth Toy
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  • Launch Date
    Nov 2013
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    2.30 kg

Finally, Ted is allowed to dress how he wants! From the Seth McFarlane film Ted, this Ted in Tuxedo 24-Inch Talking Plush Teddy Bear (Limited Edition) will have you laughing as much as the movie itself. A limited edition of only 2400 pieces, Ted comes dressed in a fancy tuxedo. This great plush is perfect for any situation and can even be brought along to the fanciest of formal events. Ted measures 24 inches tall.

The clean talking version of Ted states the following 12 phrases (subject to change):

- I look like something you give your kid when you tell them Grandma died.
- C'mon, I don't sound that much like Peter Griffin.
- That's my bad, I was sending a tweet.
- The Brewski run.
- I wuv you.
- Okay, alright, so that's where we'll draw the line.
- You know what I'd like to do to her, something I call the dirty Fozzie.
- Will you take care of me for ever and ever!
- Good talk, Coach.
- Stick your finger in the loop of my tag.
- C'mere ya bastard.
- I didn't know you had a baby, is it alive?