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    Marvel Legends Series - Marvel Comics - Galactus (HASLAB Crowdfund)
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    Nov 2022
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"Of what import are brief, nameless lives... to Galactus?" (Fantastic Four #49, Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, April 1966)

The Devourer of Worlds. He Who Hungers. A living embodiment of entropy and survival. A universal constant. A force of nature. Hasbro Pulse proudly presents the next fan-funded HasLab project: Marvel Legends Galactus!

A near-omnipotent being who must consume entire planets to survive, Galactus cares not for the lives doomed by his hunger. His is a power beyond mortal understanding... and an appetite without limit.

From the depths of the Marvel Cosmos, one of the most iconic characters in comic book history has arrived as the next Marvel Legends HasLab project. Galactus is a truly out-of-this-world figure in and out of the Marvel Universe, and here you will have a chance to help bring him to life.

Hasbro Pulse invites you to join us in bringing the Great Devourer to our world, with all the features and detailing you know and love from the Marvel Legends Series. At a staggering 32" tall and covered in intricate LED enhanced detail, he’s the largest and most complex Marvel Legends figure ever:


- 32-inch (812.8 mm) Galactus figure
- +300 pieces and +70 points of articulation!
- 20 points of articulation in each hand!
- LEDs in the head and chest (4x AAA batteries required, not included)
- 3 swappable face-plate accessories for alternate expression

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