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    B11012 - WWI British Officer - Colonel Mackenzie
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    1/6 Figure > DID
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    November 2021
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Comes with:

- Super realistic head sculpt
- Action figure body
- 2 pairs of interchangeable hands including:
-- 1 pair of relaxed hands
-- 1 pair of hands for holding revolver

- Brodie helmet with inner liner
- WW1 British officer visor cap
- WW1 British officer uniform
- WW1 British officer breeches
- Trench coat
- Green shirt
- Green tie
- Gloves
- Sam Browne belt (genuine leather)
- Shoulder strap x2 (genuine leather)
- WW1 British officer boots (genuine leather)

- Binoculars with leather case (genuine leather)
- Compass with leather case (genuine leather)
- Leather ammo pouches (genuine leather)
- Revolver holster (genuine leather)
- WW1 British officer side bag (partial genuine leather)
- WW1 British army canteen with carrier (genuine leather
- DID button hook

- Webley Mk VI revolver with pistol rope
- Bayonet for the revolver with scabbard and frog (genuine leather)
- WW1 British officer sword with hanger (genuine leather)

- Devonshire Regiment x2
- Shoulder patch x2
- Ribbon bar
- WW1 British wounded stripe badge x2

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