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    Acid Rain - Kizmet
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    Acid Rain
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    Toys Alliance
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    March 2022
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Like other Soil Ghost youths, Kizmet and his older brother Kunga were fascinated by the legends of Trazagar and the Grand Estancian Archives. Gifted with astounding memory, his knowledge of Soil Ghost history outshone even tribal elders. However, his chthonic fibrosis burdened him with pain, pessimism and self-doubt. After the brothers joined the Nazuul - excavators who scour Estancian ruins buried beneath the desert sands - Kizmet’s cautious tactics often steered Kunga out of harm's way.

When they stumbled upon the royal catacombs, they were shocked to encounter the Duskwings - the tribe founded by Trazagar himself. The Duskwing raiders attacked them ruthlessly, bringing down the tunnel in the ensuing battle. Kizmet narrowly escaped but was separated from Kunga, watching in horror as sand engulfed the catacombs. He must now muster the confidence to save his brother and unearth Trazagar's secrets in the Grand Estancian Archives.

Comes with:

- Kizmet
- Homemade helmet
- Homemade axe
- Homemade battle-axe
- Homemade dagger-axe
- Homemade grenade x5
- T-82 combat knife

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