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    Archecore ARC-13 - Ursus Guard Arche-Soldier A.D.S. Set
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    Toys Alliance
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    July 2022
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The harsh northern climate makes resupplying troops highly difficult, causing a long-term troops shortage in the Ursus Guard. The Kingdom of Veck has attempted to develop automated military systems that replace manually operated weapons and thus, the "Automated Defense System" A.D.S. was born. The system was initially adopted in light military defense systems through the equipping of various automatic sentry turrets for use as enhancement sets for Stonehenge. Internal generators provide a minimum energy supply that can be easily maintained by a single soldier. A.D.S. can also be utilized in the development of enhancements for Arche-Protective Armor so that a single Arche-Soldier may take on multiple enemies. While still in the test phase, these weapons have been deployed in the battle to retake Elmo and have some accuracy against giant Xenobeasts. However, the system is rife with instability as friendly fire still occurs at times ...

Comes with:

- Arche-Soldier A.D.S. figure with:
-- 1 alternate chest armor
-- 1 alternate head
-- 8 pieces of interchangeable hands
-- 1 backpack
-- 1 pistol
-- 1 pistol holster
-- 1 revolver
-- 1 revolver belt
-- 1 belt
-- 3 grenades
-- 1 kettle
-- 1 bottle
-- 1 beer mug
-- 10 connectors
- Fortification:
-- 2 automated machine guns
-- 2 automated flamethrowers
-- 2 automated grenade launchers
-- 1 ladder
-- 4 lights
-- 25 connectors
- Sticker Sheet

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