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    Archecore ARC-12 - Ursus Guard Boulder Bunker Set
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    Toys Alliance
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    July 2022
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As one of the strongest military defense facilities of the Kingdom of Veck, it's widely deployed in the Ursus Guard of the north and the World Tree defense line located in the south. With low mobility but high mission endurance, it can carry 3 soldiers, equip heavy armor and weapons and includes remote cannons, multiple rocket launchers and an automatic sentry defense system. Boulder Bunker's resilient load-bearing structure makes it the foundation of "Great Wall"; it is an indispensable part of the Boulder Bunker's soaring defensive frontline.

Comes with:

- 2 multiple rocket launchers
- 2 twin mount cannons
- 2 automated machine guns
- 2 automated flamethrowers
- 2 automated grenade launchers
- 2 lights
- 1 spotlight
- 1 flag
- 4 spikes

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