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    Acid Rain - Viking Flea DF3v
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    Acid Rain
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    Toys Alliance
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    August 2022
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For the most part, the design of the Viking Flea DF3v has remained consistent with other Flea types - it's scuttling drone legs already being well adapted to the snowy territory of the Tritans. However, the 55th Viking Shield Team were frustrated by its apparent lack of firepower against the rugged mountain marauders, so now the Viking Flea carries both a Gatling Gun as well as a Flamethrower which can be easily interchanged. Handily, the Flea also carries a anti-corrosion transportation rack for attaching itself to the harness of a Snow Gugee for convenient transportation.

Comes with:

- Viking Flea
- Flamethrower
- Anti-corrosion transportation rack

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