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  • Name
    Acid Rain - Snowdevil Camelbot HR12v
  • Category
    Acid Rain
  • Manufacturer
    Toys Alliance
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    Pre-order Open
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  • Launch Date
    August 2022
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    0.00 kg
The Snowdevil Camelbot HR12v was developed with an extra battery attached to its chest so that it may continue to act out in the field for extended periods of time during punishingly cold weather. It's most striking new feature is the pair of orange horns attached to its head. Are they some sort of scanning device? Or are they merely ornamental - to intimidate scavengers? Even the 55th Viking Shield Team are not quite sure. Whatever they do, the Snow Devils are an invaluable support unit, providing unswerving covering fire during combat and also acting as helpful couriers while traveling along snowy mountain trails.

Comes with:

- Snowdevil Camelbot HR12v
- Tactical backpack
- Backpack external frame
- 「Mower」MG-97E machine gun
- NGP-5 (AAR11) assault rifle
- Joint link x2

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