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    Archecore ARC-14 - Ursus Guard FA Berserker Armor (SPG Platoon)
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    Toys Alliance
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    September 2022
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Ursus Guard FA Berserker Armor is one of the new and advanced weapons of the Ursus Guard. The Frost Light enhanced armor was developed for the purpose of annihilating Xenobeats hives using equipment such as a power great axe, chainsword and missiles. In terms of defense, the high-density protective armor provides immense close combat and defense capabilities when fully equipped; the SPG treads located at the feet allow for high-speed mobility to negate the disadvantage of a large and lumbering body. In order to increase the convenience of transporting the armor on the battlefield, weapons and armor can be transformed into trailer mode to load and transport the SPG. When combined with SPG squads, the configuration provides massive firepower and cover, giving it the moniker SPG Platoon.

Comes with:

- 2 SPG figures
- 1 trailer
- 1 chestplate
- 1 crotch armor
- 2 shoulder armor
- 2 knee armor
- 1 self-propelled gun
- 10 missiles
- 2 missile bay
- 1 power great axe
- 2 chainswords
- 1 control panel

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