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    Bandai Online Shop Exclusive - Mobile LCD Toy - Medabots Medarotch Revival Ver. Black
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    Bandai Online Shop Exclusives, Medabots
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    Nov 2022
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The popular "Medabots REVIVAL ver." From "Medabots" is now available as a Rokusho version!
-The main body is colored in the image of the 1999 release version, and many lines in the play are also included! ~
Description of item
The item "Medabots" used by the characters in the Medabots series, which appeared in the game software "Medabots" released in 1997 and was also made into a toy at that time, will be renewed and sold as "Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK".
The main body has been changed from "Medabots REVIVAL ver." Released in 2021 to a coloring based on black. Based on the color of "Medabots Rokusho Version" released in 1999, the color around the bezel is arranged in a modern version.
The attached medals include 6 types of stag beetles (larvae), stag beetles (adults), beetles (larvae), beetles (adults), Hikaru beetles, and weathered medals. The five types of medals other than the weathered medals use die-casting as the material, similar to the medals attached to the previous work "Medabots REVIVAL ver.", And the texture is reproduced with a profound feeling by painting. The color of the rhinestones of the medal has been renewed from the previous work "Medabots REVIVAL ver.", And it continues to be a high-class medal. In addition, the weathered plastic medals have changed molding color.
When you open the Medabots body and set the medal in the center, the medal is detected and the LCD shines brightly with the backlight.
The voice specifications include more than 100 types of voices from characters such as Michiru Yamazaki, who played the role of Ikki Tenryo, Isao Shinohara, who played the role of Rokusho, and Eri Sendai, who played the role of Amazake Arica.
You can listen to conversations between characters and special voices.
In addition, you can play the game song "I".
The main body is equipped with "Medabots transfer mode" and "Robottle mode".
In "Medabots transfer mode", you can call the Medabots according to each medal by setting the attached medal on the main body. You can call 30 Medabots with the attached 5 die-cast medals, and you can also browse the part names of the called Medabots.
In "Robottle mode", you can display the attack pose dot picture of "Metabee" and "Rokusho" with the touch of a button. In addition, the battle-only dialogue will also be played.
Game song "Robottle Fight! You can also play in "Seriously Robottle Mode", which also produces parts destruction effects while playing.
The Medabots body and medals come with their own pedestals, so you can not only play but also display them side by side.
* Since this product uses the same program as the already released "Medabots REVIVAL ver.", The medals included in "Medabots REVIVAL ver." Can also be read. The recorded audio, various effects, and the medabots that can be called are the same.
* "Weathered medals" do not have a detection function.
* The die-cast medals included in this product are the "Kuwagata (larva) medal", "Kuwagata (adult) medal", "Kabuto (larva) medal" and "Kabuto (larva) medal" included in the already released "Medabots REVIVAL ver." It has the same detection function as "Kabuto (adult) medal" and "Hikaru's Kabuto medal".
* "Robottle mode" can be played only when "Kabuto (adult) medal" and "Stag (adult) medal" are detected.
* You can also play "Robottle Mode" with "Metal Beetle" and "Head Scissors" in the same way.
set content
Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK body ... 1
Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK dedicated pedestal ... 1
Die-cast medal ... 5
Weathered medal ... 1
Medal pedestal ... 6
Medal pedestal connection parts ... 6
Instruction manual ... 1
Product size
Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK Main body ... H approx. 75 mm x W approx. 55 mm x D approx. 40 mm (excluding belt part) (arm circumference: approx. 9-18 cm)
Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK dedicated pedestal ... H approx. 110 mm x W approx. 60 mm x D approx. 90 mm
Medal: Each H approx. 30 mm x W approx. 25 mm x D approx. 2 mm
Pedestal for medals ... Each H approx. 30 mm x W approx. 20 mm x D approx. 10 mm
Medal pedestal connection parts ... Each H approx. 10 mm x W approx. 20 mm x D approx. 3 mm
Product material
Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK Body ... ABS / PC / PPA / PET / Polyester / Nylon / PP
Medabots REVIVAL ver. BLACK dedicated pedestal ... PC
Die-cast medal ... PMMA / PP
Weathered medal ... ABS
Medal pedestal ... PC
Medal pedestal connection parts ... PC
Target age
15 years old and over
LR44 x 3 (included)
* The set battery is for testing.

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