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    Kuro Kara Kuri 08 - Transformers: Rodimus (IDW ver.)
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    Flame Toys
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    December 2022
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Rodimus, aka Hot Rod, stood up against Zeta Prime and the corrupt Senate. He refused to join the Decepticons which were leaded by Megatron. When Orion Pax had become Optimus Prime and awakened Metroplex, the true identity of the Acropolex, Rodimus decided to become an Autobot. His unfailing ability to inspire loyalty made him an important role in the Autobots.


- 5 LED units packed in a 21 cm tall body
- Featuring light-up function on eyes, chest and each of the 4 shoulder parts included
- Linkage articulation gimmicks
- Super-poseable with diecast parts for solidity and heaviness
- By equipping the outer armor, "Rodimus" can become "Rodimus Prime"

Comes with:

- Rodimus (IDW ver.)
- 1 set of Rodimus Prime armor
- 3 interchangeable faces
- 5 pairs of interchangeable hands
- 1 photon eliminator rifle
- 1 transformable rod
- 1 drill hook with wire
- 2 beam knife effects for sword
- 1 display stand

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