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  • Name
    Astrobots A04 - Athenia
  • Category
    1/12 Figure > Toy Notch, Astrobots
  • Manufacturer
    Toy Notch
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    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Mar 2023
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    0.11 kg
Venus class Astrobot units are tasked with the rehabilitation of comatose human colonists upon arrival at distant space outposts. However, something has gone wrong and unit 617, called Athenia, must make a choice. Will her intuition force her to take up arms and fight for the future of mankind? Athenia comes from graphic novel "Astrobots" written by Simon Furmon and illustrated by Hector Romero. The story will be published end of 2022. The action figure Athenia features a highly articulated joint system that allows expressive poses.

Comes with:

- Athenia
- 1 head (battle helmet)
- 3 pairs of extra gesture hands
- 2 Arc Blades
- 1 Energy Halox

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