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  • Name
    Amakuni Kizin - King Jder
  • Category
    Brave Series
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    In Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Mar 2024
  • Scale/Size
    27 cm tall
  • Weight
    2.55 kg
From the high-quality robot figure brand "Amakuni Kizin" series by Hobby Japan, comes the third item "King Jder"!

"King Jder" has a big-sized body standing 27 cm even surpassing the height of the first item in the series "Genesic GaoGaiGar". The exquisitely detailed sculpt and meticulous paint job further enhance the already impressive visual presence. Besides, the wide range of articulation is unimaginable for such a gigantic body, allowing easy replication of various special moves and exciting fight scenes appeared in the anime. Die-cast parts are used in several joints on the whole body, high level of stability during movement and weightiness that matches the huge size are thus guaranteed. Fingers, the anti-meson cannon and each gun turret are all independently articulated. The ES missile muzzles installed on the legs can be opened or closed individually. Eyes and mouth feature LED light-up effect. The memorable J-Quath shooting scene can be recreated. Gimmicks of the finest parts are fully implemented without missing. Furthermore, the character's two most significant features, the transformation from robot mode to battle ship mode as well as the separation to J-Der, can be achieved.

To celebrate the pre-order start of this product, a completely new official comic is now free to read on Hobby Japan's Novel & Comic site "Firecross" (https://firecross.jp/)!

Come on, you try it too! Experience the "Mega Fusion" of figure and comics!

Comes with:

- J-Ark transformation part
- J-Der lower body transformation part
- Display stand for King J-Der
- Display stand for J-Ark