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    NERF LMTD - G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - GI-40 Blaster ($40 Deposit Required)
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    Scaled Props and Replicas, G.I. Joe
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    2nd Quarter 2023
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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero with this Nerf LMTD GI-40 dart blaster! For 4 decades, the heroic G.I. Joe team has battled to save the world from the Cobra organization's goal of global domination. Take up the battle with this Nerf dart blaster that lets you to choose which side you want to join and switch sides whenever you choose! One side of this blaster features G.I. Joe details, and the other side features Cobra details. Which will it be today? Are you standing beside Duke, Scarlett and the rest of the G.I. Joe team to fight for freedom and justice? Or are you one of Cobra Commander's minions, plotting to take over the world? Whichever side you're on, you're ready for action with this fully motorized blaster that rapid-fires 10 darts in a row. It includes a 10-dart removable clip and 10 Nerf Elite foam darts. Power up the motor and pull the trigger to send a cascade of darts at your target. Requires 4x 1.5v D alkaline batteries (not included).

This Nerf LMTD blaster also includes an exclusive version of the #300 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic and features special cover art by Dave Johnson.

Everything comes in premium packaging that's perfect for display. The package is open on both sides so you can show the G.I. Joe side of the blaster or flip it around to reveal your Cobra affiliation.


- Celebrate the 40th anniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero with this exclusive fully motorized GI-40 Nerf dart blaster
- Choose your allegiance with this 2-sided blaster that has G.I. Joe designs on one side and Cobra designs on the other side
- Rapid-fire 10 darts in a row from this fully motorized, clip-fed blaster that includes a 10-dart clip and 10 Nerf Elite darts
- Comes with an exclusive version of G.I. Joe comic #300 with special cover art by Dave Johnson
- Includes: blaster, 10-dart clip, 10 darts, comic and instructions

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