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  • Name
    METAMOR-FORCE - Winzert
  • Category
    Mado King Granzort
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    Pre-order Open
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  • Launch Date
    June 2023
  • Scale/Size
    20 cm tall
  • Weight
    0.00 kg
One Shot! Storm Kaiser! From Sentinel's "METAMOR-FORCE Mado King Granzort" series comes the wind-controlling Mado King "Winzert"!

The product emphasizes the image in the animation while adding lots of articulation gimmicks and keeping the overall balance of the robot at the same time. Complete transformation to Face Mode is possible! Part of the body is made of die-cast to give weight. A display stand which recreates magic circle is included.

Comes with:

- Winzert
- 1 exchangeable hand part
- 1 Storm Kaiser
- 1 display stand

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