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    Riobot - 1/12 VRS-077F Mospeada Genesis Breaker Intruder Gate (Japan Version) (Pre-order extended for a limited time!)
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    March 2024
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    1/12 (15 cm tall)
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Completely transformable 1/12 scale "VRS-077F Intruder Gate" appears!!

From the official side story novel "Genesis Breaker", serialized in Hobby Japan and featuring the renowned mechanical designers Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kashinuma, comes the Intruder Gate! The "VRS-077F Intruder" is a customized ride armor designed exclusively for Gate, equipped with 45 mm rapid-fire beam cannons on both sides and a reconnaissance drone at the rear.

Under the expert supervision of Mr. Aramaki, the Intruder was meticulously engineered and made into a fully transformable high-end collectible toy by T-REX. Inspired by real-life motorcycle frames, the armor cycle mode was redesigned to create a never-seen-before outline. By using diecast in the frame, this model guarantees both durability and the ability to transform into the ride armor despite its 1/12 scale. The tail section is detachable to form a reconnaissance drone, adding versatility to this remarkable product.

Comes with:

- VRS-077F
- Open hands (LR)
- Handle bar holding hands (LR)
- Weapon holding hands (LR)
- Base

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