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  • Name
    Transformers Grimlock G1 Flagship Robot (Collector's Edition)
  • Category
    Exclusives, Remote Controlled Scale Models
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    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Nov 2023
  • Scale/Size
    15 inches tall (2X Masterpiece Scale)
  • Weight
    7.10 kg

- Genuine authorization, G1 Transformers restoration
- Auto-converting, dual-form bipedal walking robot
- APP and Voice Control
- Four programming modes
- Built-in 150+ original Transformers audio lines, recorded exclusively for Robosen by Gregg Berger, original voice of G1 Grimlock
-- These iconic sound bytes are paired with robotic actions, providing an immersive entertainment experience
- Control Grimlock in both dino mode and robot mode simply from the app
-- Enjoy quick responses with Bluetooth BLE 5.0 as you remote control the robot's auto-conversion, movements and actions from any mobile device
- Most articulated robot engineered by Robosen with 34 small, yet, high-torque and high-efficient servo motors that activates seamless conversion, while ensuring stable and smooth movements
-- The 6-axis IMU sensors constantly monitor the robot's balance, delivering even greater stability
- With the app's "MiniTheater" feature, enjoy captivating solo performances in SoloPlay mode and thrilling coordinated displays in MultiPlay mode
-- Join forces with Optimus Prime and defeat the Decepticons in epic battle reenactments!

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