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  • Name
    REmix Series RMX12 - Pitch
  • Category
    Other Shape Changing Robots
  • Manufacturer
    Ocular Max
  • Availabilty
    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Sep 2023
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    0.19 kg
Sharing the same body type with his brother Motif, RMX-12 Pitch also transforms to a 1:1 cassette tape. In the nostalgic cassette mode, Pitch features detailed markings that look realistic in display. In robot mode, Pitch has many joints for posing, including the chest butterfly and wide range ab crunch.

You can easily switch between 2 configurations: toon style and illustration style by swapping out the head and shoulder armors.

Comes with:

- Pitch
- 1 tape case
- 1 bio card
- 1 instruction manual

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