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    D80169 - WWII German 12th SS Panzer Division MG42 Gunner - Otto
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    1/6 Figure > DID
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  • Launch Date
    Feb 2024
  • Scale/Size
  • Weight
    1.30 kg
Comes with:

- Head sculpt
- Body
- 6 pieces of interchangeable hands

- WWII German M40 side cap
- WWII German M43 uniform
- WWII German Panzer Combi Overalls in Italian Camo
- WWII German field canvas gaiters
- Boots (genuine leather)
- Trousers
- Helmet with inner liner and camouflage cover
- German toque
- Belt (genuine leather)
- Y-straps (genuine leather)

- WWII German canteen (plastic)
- WWII German mess tin (plastic)
- WWII German  gas mask canister (plastic)
- WWII German shovel (wood and plastic)
- Bread bag
- WWII German gas mask pouch
- MG42 tool pouch (genuine leather and canvas)
- Cigarette

- P08 pistol with holster (genuine leather)
- MG42 machine gun (metal) with drum magazine, bullet chain and bullet x7
- HJ knife (metal) with scabbard (metal and genuine leather)

- Cuff title
- Collar tab x2
- Shoulder board x2
- Sleeve rank chevron
- Breast Eagle x2
- Black wound badge
- HJ proficiency badge
- Iron Cross 2nd Class

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