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  • Name
    G-noid G-01 - MoMo Orca-0 (Pre-Production Type) (Pricing Revised!)
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  • Manufacturer
    Toy Notch
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    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    May 2024
  • Scale/Size
    1/120 (10 inches tall)
  • Weight
    0.39 kg
In the year 2045, Earth is under attack by giant cephalopods known simply as "space monsters".  To combat these monsters, a mysterious delegation provided humanity a batch of humanoid weapons known as Mobile Movementess, abbreviated "MoMo". These weapons helped humanity stay relevant in the fight for survival.

Developed with independent designer Masahiro Shimamoto, Toynotch's MoMo series is 1/120 scale with a solid structure built with a combination of materials such as metals, ABS, POM and PVC.  With a 10" height and 250g of weight, the figure is a satisfying piece in hand. The crafty joint system functions greatly for action and display. Orca-0 is the first model of the series. It features semi gloss paint finish and LED eyes.

Comes with:

- MoMo Orca-0
- 1 pair of spare hands
- 1 blaster
- 2 swords
- 3 weapon clips

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