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  • Name
    Annex 2179 - Ella
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    Annex 2179
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    Toys Alliance
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    Pre-order Open
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  • Launch Date
    January 2025
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    0.00 kg
Ella, a name recently very active on the dark web. Rumor has it that she is the same individual as the previously escaped E-11a, who infiltrated the city to rescue enslaved robots, leading to severe disruption of social order... or at least, such were the charges leveled by the government of District 28. She established a haven for robot freedom called the Paradise of Delphi. Moreover, she is the subject of a hefty bounty offered by the sub-mercenary corporations.

Despite being pursued by the NextServe company, city authorities and bounty hunters, Ella has not given up on the idea of rescuing her comrades and finding others of her kind. In pursuit of equal rights for AI robots, they are brewing a revolution.

Comes with:

- Ella
- Extra hands x2
- Pistol

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