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    Annex 2179 - E-12m
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    Annex 2179
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    Toys Alliance
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    Pre-order Open
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  • Launch Date
    January 2025
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    0.00 kg
The NextServe company urgently developed the more coordinated and functional E-12m, persuading the military to replace the planned E-11 version with it. E-12m possesses the same advanced self-learning AI as E11-a, but its programming has been restricted by various limiting software patches and it has been equipped with a remote shutdown system - activated either by code or by leaving a designated area. The military is highly satisfied with the functionality and maneuverability of E-12m; its equipped drones can operate independently for reconnaissance and attack, and they can also serve as anti-gravity devices for E-12m, enabling short-distance flight.

Comes with:

- E-12m/ E-12m
- Extra hands x2
- Pistol
- Submachine gun
- Combat knife
- Anti-gravity drone
- "Whip Sting" Particle Weapon

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